Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sunday Dec 6 - Lynne Update

Well our life here in Ajijic and on Ranch el Rosario is starting to unfold as is evidenced by the fact that we seem to have more to do now than updating the Blog.

Last Sunday, we drove to Guadalajara and did a bit of exploring. We didn't find the Tlaquepaque which is what we were looking for but ended up in an enormous mall that could rival any American one and it felt like we were home especially when we saw Santa Claus and heard the Christmas Carols over the sound system. There was a Chili's and an Applebees and we could have been anywhere in the States or Canada.

We also found the Center of town with it's beautiful Church and square and was a bit more in keeping with our taste. We will do more research and return to Guadalajara soon.

I'd like to report that other than a giant cucaracha on our bedroom curtain, there have been no more animal births or deaths in recent days.

Greg does a few hours of web work each day and I have managed to plug into the spritual community here. I've been to couple of Course in Miracles meetings and a couple of Science of Mind meetings. I've been meeting lots of good people. Greg even came with me to a Gratitude Service on Friday night and although it's not his thing, he was a very good sport about it. It was in a private home that is the most beautiful home I've ever seen, built in a U around a lush garden and pool and all the walls of the rooms are open to the garden. Someone told me this is a true Hacienda style home.

New neighbours arrived last week. Kay and Paul, a lovely couple from Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia and this is their third year staying on the ranch. New people to play dominoes with.

I was very excited this morning when Greg tried to shower and realized there was no hot water. I went out and found Ramon and said....L'agua en el bano es frio. He understood and got the problem resolved in no time. No pantomime and no sign language. I got the message across in Spanish.

Today we treated ourselves to massages at a place called "The Hidden Garden." I haven't felt that relaxed in weeks and I will definitely return. After my massage I had a half hour before my Course in Miracles Meeting and I went to the town square and sat on a bench and just watched the activity. I was awed by una mujere who turned a simple mango into a flower on a stick, like a popsicle, but better for you. They sell all kinds of fruit and veggies in the square in plastic containers to munch on instead of junk food. And the plastic containers are good for capturing those cucarachas I mentioned earlier.

We went to the Chapala Society, the other day to join. It is a Gringo organization that plans events, has a library and many Spanish classes and is in a gorgeous park like setting. It's where I do my yoga. We started chatting with Howard Feldenberg from Rochester N.Y. He's running for president and was shmoozing us. He asked me if I was Jewish (damn it, I thought I didn't look the part) and his friend came over and they invited me to services at the 'Gogue. There is a chapel (reform) in the town of Chapala....which is to Ajijic what Newmarket is to Aurora. He also invited us to the Chanukah party for Latkes.....we will definitely go to that.

Tomorrow morning we are going to something at the Chapala Society called "Open Circle". They serve coffee and someone speaks about their life. The only restriction is that your story has to be inspirational and uplifting. The guy who is speaking tomorrow is David about the stroke he had 10 years ago in his 40's that left him totally paralyzed and unable to function and his eventual return to total functionality. It should be an interesting story. I've met the guy as he comes to the Science of Mind meetings.

Yesterday Greg and I had the most wonderful lunch in a restaurant in yet another "secret garden." He had something called a Mojeta (not to be confused with a Mojeto which is some kind of fancy drink) which is shrimp and cheese and avocado done in a Lava pot and it looked delcious. I had a Caesar salad cause I'm boring. The waiter was lovely and he practised his English and me my Spanish and we had a few good laughs.

Life is good. I feel like we're finding a bit of a groove for ourselves. Yippeee.
And Jordan and Sara will be here in two weeks and two days. Yay!

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