Monday, November 30, 2009

"Life" on the Ranch

I think Lynne and I really lucked out when we stumbled upon this ranch that we're staying at. When we were still in the hotel, we;d figured we needed to find something quickly, so we could take anything that was OK that we tripped over for a couple of months and that would give us time to find something we really liked.

We'll, we've been looking around at other houses over the last week or so. There are lots of nice houses. There are lots of nice communities but, this place is like living in the cottage on wildlife preserve park.

The grounds are impeccable. The Mexican families (3 I think) that look after the place live at the far end of the grounds. THey are always cutting the grass, trimming the bushes, cleaning the houses or, playing with their kids and the animals.

I think it's the animals that make this place so special. There are dogs and cats and chickens all over the place. Not overrunning the place, but I nice bunch around.

The cat had kittens just before we got here. I'm not sure how many, but we see two or three every once in while. There are a few chickens and roosters. the roosters were walking us up every morning when we first got here. I guess we're used to them now. I never hear them anymore.

Dogs: Two German Sheppard's, Samson and Delilah. I miss puppy so I've made friends with these two dogs. Milk Bones help! There is a sprinkling of other small dogs too. Most looking a little mattie Dogs seem to be looked upon as livestock more than family pets that are pampered and brushed.

One of the hens hatched 11 chicks about a week ago. She's a funny looking hen with feathers on her head that make her look like she's got a hat on. Now we watch her walk around the grounds with these little chicks in hot pursuit!
Delilah was barking and barking the other night. I couldn't figure out why no one went our to shut her up. The next morning we found out that she'd had 8 puppies that night. She's crawled under one of the bushes here and practically made a nest for her and her babies.

There is only one other couple renting a place here at the moment. We understand that the other 8 units will fill up in December and JAnuary. In the meantime, all this 'life' on the ranch is great to be a part of it.

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