Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 10 - Recovery Run & Dentist Report

Today's run was an easy one. I'd decided before I left the house that I was going to take it really easy and . . . . I succeeded!

I ran our to San Antonio to where they told me the Chiropractors office is. I turned around when I found the address and jogged back.

I had to purposely NOT look at my Garmin. I knew if I did, I'd see the low heart rate and the really slow pace and push myself. I'm pretty sure that running every day for 30 days with no days off for muscle recovery isn't a really good thing to do, but I said I would and I will. No where did we say we have to be faster or longer every day!

I was a few blocks from the house when I saw Lynne running towards me. She turned when we met up. We jogged together for a bit. I kept going when she stopped to walk for a bit. I was surprised at how well she did and how much she ran. I think that was her first time out in months. "YEA LYNNEEEEE"
Back home for a quick shower and then out for market day. We got lots of fresh veggies, fresh flowers and some really fresh Smarties and Jube Jubes! Got to love market day.

There was an open house almost beside where we live so, we stopped in and looked around. That got us in the mood so we headed out in the car to check on mail and then some more open houses. The mail got sent tout to us about 10 days ago now, but nothing has arrived yet. thanks God for online banking and payments or we'd be cut off from everything before we even got the bill! Humm, come to think of it, we haven't actually seen a piece of mail since the end of September when we left home!

We drove a bit and found some more open houses. i'm not sure why we're looking. The market is pretty dry here and I think we'd be nuts to take our money out of our investments at home and buy a house here, even if they are so much cheaper. We looked at a 3400 sq ft house here today for $235,000. and then a little 1200 sq ft place for $109,000.

Lynne's temporary crown seems to be fine. We . . . well, she, gets the final crown on Friday. We circled back to the Chiropractors office (through the big black garage doors, through ANOTHER amazing yard) and got an appointment for Monday. I can't wait to not feel this hip and shoulder!
It feels a bit cooler here today. I just checked our weather and saw that it's only 19 degrees - then I checked the weather online at home.

Sorry guys!

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