Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"This is It" - (The movie)

Lynne and I did a little hours shopping today. There are almost 500 houses on the market today and they have sold 216 in the last 12 months. December is a big sales month, but, non the less. If we buy something it could easily take 2 years to sell it again later. I think we're better off with our money invested as it is and keep renting!

We went to see the Michael Jackson "This Is It" movies tonight.

I must admit, I've never been much of a Michael Jackson fan. I never bought an album. I read all the hype and crap in the papers and, I expect like a lot of folks, I wrote the guy off as the strangest individual alive. Was he a freak, a child molester a weirdo. Who knows. I am really glad I went to see the movie. For everyone who felt the same about him as I did, but believes there are many sides to everyone, this is a must see movie.

How amazing to watch this musical entertainer genius at work. The rest of the crap doesn't matter. Heck, don't we all have that side of us that we don't want anyone to know about. Regardless of if you set fires to mailboxes in the country as a kid or if you needed to ask someone to get the key to open the door for you, we've all got our own level of shit behind us. If we were famous enough, it could be blown up beyond anything reasonable too.

All my true musician friends have always talked about his musical genius. What a great opportunity this movie is to see him in action. to watch him take an idea and in a breath, take it to a level that gets anyone toe tapping in their seat. Great flick in my opinion!

We left the movie and headed home. I guess this bull fight ring between our house and the movies is the happening concert place in town. It's where they blow up all these fire works celebrating the revolution (Thanks John!). I still think they may be grenades, but I'm not positive yet!

Tonight there is a rock concert along with all the explosions.
Now - you have to remember, we just left the Michael Jackson movie. The movie sure wasn't "Shine the Light", the Rolling Stones movie by Martin Scorsese , but it sure was good music. Coming out to and listening to Mexican Rock, well, Lunch Bag Letdown" doesn't cover it. I did enjoy people watching though.

What a country! What an experience! We're so lucky!!

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