Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 36 - Rental House

We found a house to rent for two months today! What an experience!
We met Gonzalo the Remax agent at 9:15 - by 10:00 am he'd shown us two places and we'd decided on the first. 45 minutes to decide where we'd live. That's the way I love to do stuff, so that worked out great in my books.

We asked how we'd pay. They would have taken a US cheque, but we don't have a US account. They wouldn't take a Canadian cheque. Apparently, it takes 3 weeks to clear. We needed to go to the local bank and open an account. No bit deal - right? WRONG!!!

6 hours later. 4 trips back to our hotel for but yet more information or documents. 1 trip back to the Remax office and a trip over to the ranch where our house is. Holy crap!

After all that, we have a bank account in Mexico, but now we have to wire transfer money to it. We got online to move money, but we couldn't do it. We had to talk to our branch. The girl we usually talk to wasn't there. The girl we did talk to said we had to come in! This isn't getting any easier!
We've now emailed the bank with the info and, hopefully, they will look after it in the morning.

Meanwhile, Gonzalo has told us it doesn't matter. We can move in tomorrow around noon, and pay him later in the week.
Pay him later in the week? WOW - That's sure as heck doesn't happen at home! Cool!

So that's our day. no pictures, just miles of walking aback and forth over these rough, and i mean ROUGH, cobblestone roads. I've been thinking I need to get my lazy ass out the door and start running, but I think I got enough exercise today.

We'll take pictures tomorrow.

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