Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday - Easy Morning Run

The neighbors warned us that the festival that started with he parade on Friday ends with 11 days of fireworks. The parade was cool. Friday night we heard a few bangs. Saturday a few more. I thought of fireworks sort of like Ontario Place on May 24 or something. I didn't see any big colorful bursts of color in the sky, but we also didn't hear never ending explosions either . . . . until this morning!

6:00 am, there we were, sleeping soundly on this big beautiful bed. A nice cool breeze flowing in through the bedroom window and BANG . . . BANG . . . . bang bang bang. Holy crap! These aren't fireworks, these are just explosions.

I often count step when I run and for some reason I started counting explosions too, guessing ahead at how many times the bed would shake with these war type sounding explosions. Who would have thought they'd end at 200! 200 frickin' bombs going off a block away from my bed! I still don't k now what these folks are celebrating, but they sure don't want anyone to miss it!
I was tempted to get up and go and watch but, I managed to roll back over for another couple of hours sleep instead.

Today is day 6 of this '30 minutes for 30 days' running thing I'm doing. I'm not sure why I'm doing it. I guess any goal is better than no goal at all. I'm having fun reading Ted and Mikes stories on Facebook as we're all doing it together. Mike's sister Lynne is 4 days ahead of us.

I did 10k for the first time in months yesterday so, I thought I'd do a slow recovery run today. I thought I'd just head out the back way along the cobblestones to the town square in San Antonio. I love the sound of "running to San Antonio". It sounds so far! In fact, it's only about 2k. I took my time, ran to, and then around the square, and headed back. When I got tot the gates here at the ranch, I saw I had been running for 24 minutes. I was going to stop at the gates but then I figured - just a bit more and I'll have that 30 minutes in.

I ran down to the end of the block which put me at the shore of the lake. I often see fishermen, just like in those old bible pictures, tossing their nets out into the water and pulling them back in. There was a guy just coming in to shore with an entire 5 gallon plastic pail, full to the brim with fish. I wonder what he does with them. They tell me the lake is polluted and every fish market tells you that their fish aren't from the lake so, . . . . what does this guy do with these fish??

Oh well, back to the gate but that only took a minute or so. Off I went around the block on the cobblestones again. Actually, the block right around the next block has a curb that extends about 16" into the road. I can run along that. Two American women were walking their little dogs along the sidewalk. I was amazed when I got 10 feet from them, one of the women stepped down onto the part of the curb I was running on. i contemplated letting the women know what I thought of her, her dog and her pretty pink cotton jogging suit, but decided to just run carefully around her and keep my comments to myself.
What's happening to me? That's not what I do!!!!!

I finished off the run and weighed in 0.1 lbs lighter than yesterday. This running doesn't seem to be doing anything for my weight. My shorts sit a little looser around the waist though.

We're off "Open House" hoping today.

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