Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 32 - Green Valley Arizona

Yesterday (Tuesday) we drove south from Flagstaff to Green Valley. Green Valley is about 2 hours south of Phoenix, 4 hours south of Flagstaff. It was interesting watching the changes in the vegetation from some places that almost reminded us of northern Ontario, so dry rocky desert, to sandy desert. Some places where nothing but tumbleweed grew and other places where all sorts of different cactus grew. Around Phoenix, those tall cactus with fat arms reaching out and up grew, but I guess they need just s certain kind of soil. They seem to only grow in particular areas. We'd see a bunch of them, then 5 minutes down the road, none!

We got to our friends Ron and Bev's about 4:30. Yea, if you recognize the names, they are our friends that we stayed with in Victoria a couple of weeks ago also. The timing of our trip worked out so we saw them the weekend before they came down, and then a week after they got to their vacation home here.

Bev and I went out for a 9k run this morning while Lynne and Ron went for a hour and change walk.
We're planning on spending the day here today and heading off for Mexico tomorrow morning. We knew we'd have internet connections every night along the route so far. We're not so sure about connecting over the next couple of days. We're heading to Lake Chapala. We plan to be there by Saturday or Sunday. I'm sure we'll be able to connect and update the blog again from there then.

I guess, tomorrow the vacation ends and the adventure begins!

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