Friday, November 20, 2009

Tuesday November 19 - Mid Week Update

There's not much to write. The pictures below tell the story other than I did start running everyday, 30 minutes for 30 days.

We've been to the Wednesday outdoor market and bought fresh fish and fruits and veggies. We've been eating very well.

Lynne has started a Yoga class. We discovered the local cinema and went to see Inglorious Bastards which was in English with Spanish subtitles but unfortunately about half of that movie was in French or German and the subtitles remained in we did get the main idea but missed the little inuendoes. Lynne hated the blood and gore.

Speaking of blood and gore, a couple of days ago they brought a cow to the ranch....there was this big black cow lying around on the sidewalk or grazing on our beautifully manicured lawns. When we asked Lucia about the cow she said it was sick. Forget Swine we are worrying about Mad Cow. Last night on the way to the cinema we walked by the Mexican haciendas on our ranch and lying there with bound legs and a slit throat was the old black cow. We are missing Loblaws and those white styrofoam trays with meat in them. Tonight we can see the barbeques up at the Mexican's and the smell of cooking beef isn't quite as tantalizing as it usually is.

Tomorrow begins the 11 day celebration of Ajijic's Saint. Apparently they celebrate by lighting fireworks for all 11 days. Should be interesting or perhaps aggravating. We'll let you know.

Oh and last but not least, we discovered "Coffee and Bagel" actually the name of the little cafe. Lynne had a bagel and cream cheese and lox and I thought she would die from joy. We went there this morning again for breakfast. I had an egg McBagel and it was delicious.

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