Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 10 - Computer Repairs in Banff

On one hand, I like having a few projects to work on while we’re on our trip. At the same time, particularly when I’ve got software problems, it would be nice to have nothing to do!

I made a mistake a couple of days before leaving Toronto. I had Jordan install some game on this laptop and then I installed some new printer drivers. I’m not sure what screwed up my computer, but Photoshop, a tool I use every day, was running slower and slower, to the point that it was virtually unusable.   I tried rolling back with a system restore, but it failed. I tried removing the software and re-installing, but that filed too.

We decided to spend and extra day here in Banff so that I could deal with all of that.  It took most of the day to get things running properly again, but, they are!
Lynne BanffThis morning, Lynne and I went our for a walk around town. There is ice and snow everywhere. Not a lot of it, but just enough to make it touch to walk around without slipping. We love this town. The scenery is to die for. I’d love to see it one day in the summer though. We both felt like the tops of our ears were frozen when we got back to the hotel about an hour later.

We went to the movies tonight. Couples Resort is a funny movie. Great to go and see something light and fun. Great to go to a movie where it cost $10.00 to get it, and they give you a drink and popcorn along with your admission.

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