Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 24 - Santa Cruz and Monterey

After the excitement from yesterday, today was far less eventful!
We parked in the loading zone at the front door of the hotel last night so no one could get near it without being caught. It worked! We checked before heading for breakfast.

Lynne went to the gym. I sat and got fatter and then headed over to the camera shop to get a replacement camera. I found the exact same model so that's what I got. The guy at the shop was great. He showed me all kinds of stuff. i could have spent the day there, but Lynne was back at the hotel waiting for me and we had a lunch date to get to.

We headed off about 11:00 to meet our old friend Gord. We've known each other for going on 25 years now! We don't see much of each other anymore. Gord lived abroad for years and lives in the US now. It's great seeing him whenever we do though. There's never enough time to catch up completely!
We headed off to Santa Cruz after a great lunch. We drove around a bit and then headed out to Monterey for the night. Off to Cannery Row for some sight seeing and into Bubba Gumps for dinner.

As we were pulling into town, we got lost a bit and saw the most amazing thing. We were on a little side street in town. There were woods on the other side of the narrow street and there at the side of the road was a deer eating. It wasn't 15 feet from the car. we pulled right up and took a few pictures. Amazing to be that close and not have it run away.

I think we'll do some exploring around town before heading out tomorrow. We only managed 185k today. Our daily distances are getting less and less as we get into better weather! We had 6800k on the old GPS. With today's @ 200, I guess we're at the 7000k traveled mark. I plugged in our old Aurora address into the new GPS - we could get back in about 4500k! It's getting tempting. We're both having fun, but starting to miss home and friends. We'll need to stop driving and get settled somewhere fairly soon.

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  1. Great pics, great story. Claudia loved it too - she's been to Monterey a few times in the last few years for work. Keep up the good work - I'm still reading your stuff with jealousy!



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