Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 13 -16 Victoria Weekend and into the US

We arrived at Ron and Bev’s house in Victoria about 3:00 pm on Friday. Ron and I have been friends since back when we were both married to our first wives! I think that’s getting close to 30 years ago!
R&B moved back out to Vancouver Island about 15 years ago and we haven’t seen a much of each other over the years. Lynne and I both commented when we left them this morning (Monday) that it a sign of a great friendship when, after not seeing each other for so long, that we all felt like we’d seen each other just last week and carried on from where we left off. Comfortable, easy, and having fun!

We hung out all weekend long. Bev made a great dinner for us Friday night. Wonderful to taste a really good home cooked meal again. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but it feels like forever! Saturday Bev and I went for a 6k run together. Bev is nursing shin splints and I’m carrying around an extra few inches around the waste. We took it easy but it felt good to get back out there a bit again. Saturday afternoon we went and looked at condos. R & B are considering downsizing and there were a few open houses in Victoria. The live in Sydney now, about 25 minutes away, but they both work in Victoria. We stopped for a late lunch near the yacht club. It’s always good to be looking at sailboats! Saturday night they introduced us to Dominos. I’d never played before and had not even seen them since I was a kid. What a blast we had!

Lynne and I are on the prowl now for a set for ourselves.
Bev went to church Sunday morning. I went out and did that 6k run again. I thought of the gang back home either running the half or the full or the 5k of the Toronto Marathon. I blasted through my 6k. Looking back, and still feeling these burning quads, I would have been better to take it easy again. Oh well! One day I’ll pay attention to what I’ve learned! Ron, Lynne and I walked all over town after I got back. We walked around downtown Sydney; through the wood carver’s shop, around the yacht club and round the main streets until we got to Ron’s favourite weekend breakfast place. Eggs Benny was GREAT!

Bev was home when we got back. They drove us out to Suke (pronounced souk) We drove a couple of Bev’s Tri bike courses (pretty hilly!) and went to a spot at waters edge that was simply amazing. Huge cliffs but with paths that allowed us to walk down to the water. Ron and I both took some amazing photographs. I’ll try to process them tonight or tomorrow morning. We walked and talked for a couple of hours out there before we came back for Pizza and Dominos again!

Lynne and I left shortly after Ron and Bev left for work this morning. We too the Ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles. Port Angeles is a bit west of Seattle). We were both worried about the customs guys ripping our car apart. The back seats are down that the SUV is totally stuffed with clothes, books, guitars and god knows what. The agent at the far end looked surprised when he looked in the back, but I guess he wanted to go for lunch rather than tear the car apart so he waived us through.

We headed immediately to Hwy 101. That will take us right down the west coast along the Pacific Ocean. The “Pacific Coast Highway” is one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever been on. I drove from ‘Frisco to San Diego once and I LOVED it. I’ve never driven it from top to bottom before. We headed west until we got to the ocean; played at an amazing beach as we turned south. The beach (see picture soon) was fog bound but beautiful We crawled around through the huge pieces of driftwood for a long time before we headed out again. I’d past a sing that read “Big Cedar” earlier and didn’t turn. I saw it again, but this time we turned. 500 meter into the forest we found the biggest tree I’ve ever seen. We got tons of great shots of it with Lynne standing in front, or in it. I walked in and took a couple of shots straight up through the inside. Absolutely amazing!

We finished off the day at a crappy little hotel in Aberdeen Washington. We went out for diner and found “Duffy’s Bar and Grill” I HAD to eat there seeing as that’s how I answer my phone most of the time. The food sucked, but it was fun to be there!

I’ve got work to do for a couple of clients so, I may stay here later tomorrow morning to get some work done before we hit the road. If I don’t get caught up, we may opt for a short travel day. I should have worked on the weekend but, we really enjoyed catching up with our buds! I’m going to post this, get caught up on my work, then process the pictures. I’m thinking those pictures may mot make it up until tomorrow (Tues) night.

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