Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 2 - SSM to Nipigon & He Who Hesitates . . . .

Day 2 - SSM to Nipigon - He Who Hesitates . . . .

It was a pretty uneventful day today. It shouldn't have been, but we had a lesson to learn I guess.

We got a tip from a friend that the Agawa Canyon Train Tour was a great thing to check out from Sault St Marie. We looked into it when we first got to the hotel. We lucked out even in the hotel we happened to check into was just across the road from the train station. My buddy told us it left early in the morning. I got the impression it was a half day thing. we both thought it was a great idea. We checked at the desk and there were only two seats left available. It left the station at 9:00am and would get back about 6:00 - 6:30pm. It cost just under $200.00. We were of spit minds on doing it or not. We both immediately went to the "Holy Crap" we can't start spending $200.oo a day at each of our stops over the next 6 weeks. The we did the - Oh, we can't spend all day here or we'll never get to where we want to go.

We looked the tour up online and it looked pretty good. Grand vistas over 180k of land north of town on a great train ride. We talked about it and decided to think about it over night. I got a couple more messages from friends who read our plans online and told us that the trip was amazing. - Decision made, we'll go for it. We called the desk for tickets but, too late. The last two seats were gone. Stupid us. We blew a lifetime adventure worrying about a couple of hundred dollars. Dumb = oh well. Lesson learned!

The drive out of the Sault was beautiful. We could only imagine what that train trip would have been like. There wasn’t a lot to see today. We stopped in Wawa and took a few pictures of the goose. I think northern Ontario holds some kind of record for making huge statues of dump shit. A big nickel, a huge goose. These folks have too much time on their hands over the long cold winter months thinking of crazy things to build. I just checked. The huge fish is in Gananoque. Not Northern Ontario, but long cold winters too!

We stopped in Terrace Bay for a delicious A&W hamburger. If you also wondered where the A&W chain disappeared to, they are alive and well in Northern Ontario. We came up with two unanswered questions today.

1. What makes some leaves turn bright red as apposed to just orange or bright yellow?
2. We passed a great number of sign that read’ Nightly Moose Warning – Next x number of kilometres” What’s with “Nightly” Are Moose nocturnal?

We got to the town of Nipigon by about 5:00 pm. We were really tired of driving. The fall colours in the trees were amazing around Sault St Marie, but since Wawa, they were pretty much just green and yellow. We think it was because we were north for anything other than pine trees and Silver Birch. I guess that’s the third question for the day. Where did all the colour go? Anyway. 5:00pm, tired and bored. We stopped about 100k short of Thunder bay. We got a room at a motel at the side of the road. We drove downtown where we had to make a dinner choice between a run down looking Chinese food joint, or the sub shop. The sub shop won. I think tomorrow needs to include a good meal at diner time!

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