Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 20 - California Dreamin' - by Lynne

Greg is tired tonight. He did a lot of driving around crazy hairpin turns with nothing separating us from falling hundreds of feet into the Pacific Ocean except the Grace of God. Greg's driving was superlative. At no time did he pretend to be Mario Andretti. But I'm jumping ahead of myself.

We woke this morning early as Greg had a business call to make and we had a "free" breakfast to eat. It was a good "included" breakfast....hard boiled eggs, yogurt, raisin bread, will notice that I talk about food much more than Greg does.

Then we left Garberville and the smell of burning hemp to play in more big trees. The one we drove the car through today was 2400 years old....that means it was on earth before Jesus was born. Yes, it was another drive through tree and drive through it we did. We met a lovely Canadian couple at the drive through tree site and exchanged travelling stories. They hail from Salt Spring Island.

At this point we left Highway 101 and entered what they call the Shoreline Highway. The first 22 miles took us about an hour. The S turns just kept coming and at some points there was absolutely no guard rail. Big lumber trucks come barrelling along those roads as though they are at the Indies. Was the fright worth it? Absolutely, hands down, that's a big affirmative......what views, wild Pacific surf, huge cliffs, sand beaches that go on forever, Arbutus trees, unique to the Pacific coast....they shed their bark not their leaves in the Autumn. We did those S curves from 10:30 this morning until 4:30 this afternoon. We stopped in Bodega Bay and thought we'd stay at an Inn right on the sea but at 250. American with NO included breakfast we thought we'd better pass on the "room with a view."

We drove inland to Santa Rosa, found a little motel and checked in. There's an Applebees across the street. Dinner for two for twenty. We went for the special. Had a much too big American dinner and then I played being American even more by browsing in Target and Marshalls, but with the car loaded to the roof top I didn't buy a thing. That's it for today.

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