Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 26 - L. A. to Palm Beach

Today was just a plane old travel day. We got up earlier than usual and were on the road by 8:00. We stuck to the main highways and quietly drove past any and all of the things there were to see along the way.
It felt weird to be back in traffic, particularly through the north end of L. A.

The scenery changed from the huge ocean and big cliffs to regular highway and then desert highway.

About 20k out of Palm Springs we drove past field after field of wind turbines. There were thousands of them. The same kind as we have back home by the CNE or Darlington. It was amazing to see row after row and them look off into the distance and see every hill top covered as well.

We got to Palm Springs about 2:00 and went our own ways for the afternoon. I think we need a break soon from driving and a bit of a break from each other too. Tough being this close together for this long. We're both pretty independent folks who like a fair amount of solitude, more than 5 minutes in the washroom which is about all we get these days!

Our next planned stop is Sedona. Lynne has wanted to go there for years now. Sedona is about 600k from where we are now. Phoenix is 400k from here along the way. My guess is that we'll do the 600 and take then next few days off and lay low there over the weekend before heading down to Green Valley to see Ron and Bev at their Arizona home.

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