Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 11 - Banff to Lake Louise to Penticton

We looked out the window from the hotel this morning and saw the most amazing sight. 20 feet from our window was a small enclave of trees. There stood a doe and two fawns, eating the leaves off the tree. We took a lot of pictures from our window, but they didn’t come out. I’m glad I walked out and was able to get a couple of shots from a few feet away.

Lynne Green Lake Louise
We left Banff and headed to Lake Louise. There were a couple of inches of snow in Banff and all the way to Lake Louise. Lake Louise was beautiful. I found it unbelievable how clear the water was. I could see the bottom a good 40 meters out.  The Asian tour group were loud. We were a bit sorry that we weren’t alone. The chatter took away for the majestic serenity of it all. It was still amazing though.

The rest of the day was relatively uneventful. We drove on to British Columbia, down through the Okanogan Valley and into Penticton.  We’re in Pacific Time for the next while. The time changes coming across the county every few days messed up our internal clocks a bit. I imagine we’ll be in Pacific time now for the next two to three weeks until we enter Arizona.

I’m going to head out tomorrow morning and drive the Penticton Ironman bike course. We’ll drive thought to Vancouver when I finish that drive.

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