Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend in Calgary

It was great to stay in one place for a little while. We checked into a hotel at the south east corner of Calgary. Christine, Evan, Emily and Aidan came Friday night for dinner. We had a good chat in the restaurant and then had tons of fun at the pool until way after Aidan’s bedtime!

Saturday we slept in, had a nice leisurely breakfast and then went and met Ron and Patty for a late lunch. Saturday night the kids all came back over and we did the pool thing again.

Emily slept over with us Saturday night and Sunday we drove to the Langley Golf and Country Club for brunch. It was when we woke up in the morning that I realized we had to unpack most of the car to get one of the back seats down from Emily. We decided to drive slowly. Lynne and Emily shared the front seat. Sure glad they are both thin!

Jane and Tom and Ryan met us for brunch as well. Lynne and I came back to our hotel after brunch. Lynne caught a bit more sleep. I worked for a few hours until it was time to head out to Jane’s house. Jane was my first wife. We get along fine now that it’s been years since we were married! They live in a beautiful, huge house out in Langley. Langley is about 25k out from Calgary. Jane and Tom cooked an amazing meal. Ryan’s girlfriend Danika was there also. Danika and Ryan helped get us a deal on the room that we are in now in Banff.

We visited with our friend McKinley for a couple of hours this morning before heading out to Banff this afternoon. The drive from Calgary to Banff has to be the most beautiful drive in the world. I love watching the mountains appearing on the horizon and then driving into them.

We took picture, but I can’t post them for a bit. I’ve got software problems on this computer. I think I loaded too many games and odd printer drivers the day before we left Toronto. I’ve been trying to fix it over the weekend but, it’s getting worse and worse. Photoshop has totally stopped working now, as has Dreamweaver. It’s pretty hard for me to get work done without those tools so, I’m formatting the hard drive tonight and staring over! I'm glad I can still nhand code to write this anyway! Not really what I want to be doing out here in the ice and snow covered mountains, but, oh well, we don’t have the clothes here to get outside for long anyway!

There’s a nice view out of our hotel window anyway!

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  1. Hi guys!
    Great pics from Banff. I've never seen mountains (except for flying over them), and the sight must be beautifull. Good to hear you survived Thanksgiving, although I didn't read any details about the menue.

    All is well here, life goes on, and there really isn't anything exciting to report.

    Enjoy - Willem.


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