Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 27 - Palm Beach to Sedona

My chauffeur is having another night of exhaustion and so the navigator is writing again. Actually with the advent of the GPS I kind of lost the title of navigator although I've given it up reluctantly. I find myself arguing much to Greg's aggravation with the lady inside the GPS. We are using the Australian Lady the American one was too bossy.

We awoke very early in Palm Springs this morning and caught the rising sun light on the hills behind our hotel. The hills were lit up in an almost neon pink. It started our day off on a good note. Palm Springs looks lovely although we just slept there and did a quick tour through the downtown this morning. There seems to be a lot of empty stores and it has probably seen more prosperous days.

We entered the desert and began to see some of the huge cactus, the ones that seem to be giving you the finger. Big hills of brown dirt that looked like larger versions of the ones you see at a construction site. A bit of a downer after the majesty of the rugged Pacific Coast. Slowly the big cactus were replaced by a different type, smaller ones in clumps with flat leaves and closer to the ground. Then the cactus were gone and we started seeing small pine trees.

Early in the afternoon we started noticing red (rusty) streaks in the hills. Just before we approached Sedona we rounded a corner and saw the most amazing site - big red mountains in the most interesting shapes rose before us like monoliths rising out of the earth looking like something from a Science Fiction movie. It was a very exciting scene. Our first view of Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Coffee Pot Rock. We found our Comfort Inn, checked in and immediately (before email) went out to explore. We found many galleries filled with the work of local talent and went into the Tlaquepaque area....a collection of restaurants and galleries made from stone and adobe and filled with Arizona Sycamores. It was lovely. We passed many businesses of psychics, aura readers, angel guides and all the other new age businesses you can imagine. Can't wait to explore closer to nature tomorrow.

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