Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 6 - Regina to Calgary through the snow!

We drove down the road.  We drove down the road.  We drove down the road.  We drove down the road.  Then there was a hill and then, we drove down the road and drove down the road some more.

Thank God we ended up in Calgary tonight. We can see the mountains on the horizon. That means the end of these straight boring drives!

Greeg & Lyyne Panama TripIt snowed last night in Regina. This is what it looked like from our window this morning. The temperature was -7. Unbelievable weather for early October!

We drove to Medicine Hat for lunch and then on to Calgary after that. It was a very uneventful day today.  Christine, Evan, Emily and Aidan came and met us at the hotel for dinner. We went and hung out at the pool afterwards.

It was great being able to just hang out and talk to Christine and Evan. The kids had tons of fun in the pool. Emily and another boy her age spent the night throwing a ball at us. Aidan, with his little life jacket on, never went deeper than his waist. Well, except for the time he fell in and floated like a stick man on his back until even jumped in and pulled him back to the edge. He was a little freaked, but fine. He went back in the water straight away!

We’re going to try to meet up with Steve and Patty and McKinley tomorrow mid day, and then spend tomorrow night and Sunday with the kids before we leave on Monday. It feels good knowing I don’t have a bunch of driving to do in the morning again!

We took a couple of pictures today, mostly weather shots.  We couldn’t believe the snow storms we went through.. I’m not going to bother processing them tonight. I’ll take lots with the kids over the weekend and post them again Sunday night or Monday.

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