Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 19 - Redwood Forest

We got away about 10:00 this morning after a breakfast of stuff we'd bought at the local grocery store the night before and kept in the tiny room refrigerator. Neither of us noticed that it wasn't turned on when we stored stuff away in there. Lucky, it was a tiny fridge and the stuff we put in stayed cool anyway.

We drove for about a half hour and found ourselves in the Redwood Forest. I remember pictures my dad showed me growing up of where he'd driven his car through a tunneled out tree out there, about 50 years ago I guess.

The forest was absolutely amazing. We turned of the main highway and drove through the trees. We stopped to walk at one point for about an hour or so. We took a ton of pictures again today.

I kept thinking of friends who cycle through the woods at home. (Hi Ramona and Louise) They would have LOVED these trails. I think I was bugging Lynne after a while as I kept asking her to go here, or stand there. I wanted her in most of the pictures to give them perspective. The trees were unbelievably huge. Apparently the average age of those Redwoods is 600 -700 years old. Some live to be over 1000 years old.

We drove out of the forest and into sunshine! We still hit some foggy area's along the coast, but anywhere inland was sunny, bright and warm!

We only drove 180k today. We've stopped in Garberville. It's about 350k north of San Francisco. I think we're stopping there tomorrow and seeing if we can meet up with Alex Platt at Berkeley and take him out for dinner. I want to spend a day there myself. It just doesn't seem right to be there and not get something to eat at Fisherman's Wharf!

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